Book chapters include:

sewing kilt illustration

a brief history of kilts and tartan

evaluating an existing kilt for fit and workmanship

understanding tartan weave, sett, symmetry, and tartan types

understanding the structure of a kilt, including the relationships among sett size, pleat size, pleat depth, number of pleats, and kilt size

preparing to make a kilt, including tartan selection and taking measurements

laying out the kilt and marking the tartan, including detailed instructions for marking tartan for pleating to the sett and pleating to the stripe

preparing to sew the kilt, including determining pleat size

sewing the kilt, including thorough explanations and copious illustrations for each and every step from pleating to lining

wearing a kilt properly

taking care of a kilt, including re-pressing properly

altering the length and size of a kilt

sewing kilt image

Appendices include:

kiltmaking-a fine kilt

glossary of terms and stitches

examples of splitting measurements between apron and pleats

adding a hidden (growth) pleat

constructing a self-color kilt

evaluating and marking asymmetric tartan

a list of tartan sources and suppliers